Born in the melting pot that is Miami, Florida, and raised in a bilingual, bi-cultural household by immigrant parents, Vega was introduced to an array of Latin sounds including salsa, merengue, cumbia and Spanish ballads at a very young age.  As a teenager, Vega was influenced by the 305’s rich blend of cultures and musical genres including; reggae, favela funk, pop, hip-hop, soul, batucada and, inescapably, Miami base.


Vega is the full package. She is a bona fide talent that’s serious about her work. She gracefully and organically marries genres in a way that is fresh and new: her ballads have soul, her uptempos boast tinges of boom bap and her dance tracks exhibit elements of tropical island beats. She shies away from musical typecasts and does not only speak to her fellow Millennials – she has a cross-generational, universal appeal that is relatable to people from all walks of life, from all corners of the world. She, and pardon the cliché, is the artist of the new generation – the pretty face is just a bonus.